Thursday, January 1, 2009


In the spirit of taking a bit of a break from the intense turn my posting has taken of late, here's a picture of my cat, Magic: Like her human companion, Magic is quite a reader. That tome she's poring over is a Norton Anthology of English Literature, open to Act I, Scene I of John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi.

Those are her reading glasses, too.


Kim said...

That's one pretty kitty! :)

Greenconsciousness said...

I have a cat named Magic too! White and gold. One of many rescues but totally Unique! My Magic is Big very Big - fat paws - big head and teeth -- cannot tell her size from the picture.

Pleasant connection for a change although I do enjoy talking to you but feel my talk is too aggressive. I don't really know how to pull it back but this picture is a great idea.

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Kim!

Greenconsciousness, you probably can't tell from the picture, but this Magic is very small. She weighs around 8 pounds --- a combination of her small bone structure and dainty appetite. (She's a very picky eater).

She was also a rescue: born, along with five brothers and sisters, in the parking lot of our local Animal Haven. We have two other shelter cats, now around six to eight months old, whom we fostered before deciding to adopt.

Anonymous said...

Magic is gorgeous...and has the same name as one of my favorite movies, too!

We have four cats from the animal shelter, and one who was a feral kitten. (His mother lived in my aunts' backyard).