Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Also, an Update

I think my computer is dead. Since adding some new music to my iTunes library, I have been unable to turn it on. Every time I do, it goes straight to the Blue Screen of Death.

I suspect I exhausted its hard-drive capacity. I do that sometimes, since I keep the things for years and years and years (my last computer, six years old, had ninety-five percent of its disk space in use!), and now, especially, since I have my extensive music collection stored in there.

(I hate how technology reproduces itself; you get one new thing, and sooner or later you find you have to get a lot more stuff to support it. Example: my CD player, which I had for ten years, quit working a couple years ago, so I got an iPod to replace it. Okay. So now all my CDs go onto my computer, where they can be in my iTunes Library. But, oh no! It turns out I had a ton of music. And now my friends can give me music more easily, in the form of giant file transfers. So now I am eating up disk space like a cyber-Galactus, when previously all I had required of a computer was that it allow me to write, surf the Internet and play old computer games. Nothing fancy. Now it seems I need, if not a massively more sophisticated computer, an external hard drive or two).

Anyway, that is why you haven't seen any new posts on this blog in a while.


Tera said...

Oh, snap! *plays Taps in binary code*

(Warning: I have never, ever done this; it may be the geek eqivalent of jumping over a row of cars on a motorcycle. Whille on fire). I know some people with a wireless setup and a broadband internet connection take an older computer and use it as a home server; all it does is, say, hold their iTunes library and then they just access it over the wireless network. Here's something about setting up a home server, and somthing else about setting up an FTP server.

Lindsay said...

Actually, it turns out it wasn't me running out of disk space; it was the battery dying.

I have a laptop, but I had thought I'd never have to worry about the battery because I *ALWAYS* use it plugged in. But apparently, even then, they will continually try to recharge their batteries, even though you haven't been drawing them down at all.

Oh well. I have a new battery, so now everything is fine.

(Re. your suggestion: it sounds interesting, though the other computers in my home are all so old I may get better storage space out of an external hard drive).