Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Have an Etsy Store!

I just recently got everything together to start selling jewelry on Etsy; I even have a couple of items listed.

My store is called Shards of Elegance.

As of now, you can buy this turquoise bracelet

and this green one

there. Both were made to fit my wrist: the turquoise one is about six and two-thirds inches (approx. 17 cm); the green one is a little looser at seven and one-sixteenth inches (17.8 cm). I have another, slightly shorter green bracelet (6.5 in./16.5 cm) and can make more if you need them bigger or smaller than that. I can't make any more of the turquoise one, although I could resize it.


Anonymous said...

Pretty! Another beaded jewelry enthusiast. :) I keep meaning to open an Etsy shop, but it hasn't happened yet.

Stephanie said...

One day I will open an Etsy shop, when I get a new digital camera and have a large inventory of stuff to sell. I want to have at least 50 different, high-quality items to sell before I open my shop. I am definitely planning to, though.

Anonymous said...

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