Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two New(ish) Necklaces

One of them really is new; I made it a few days ago, and only took pictures of it today.

Here I am, modeling it: (In that light, I have to hold the camera above my head and tilt it downward somewhat to avoid triggering the flash --- it doesn't always work. But it gives a warped impression of how big my head is compared with my neck and shoulders; here's another photo taken from a more straight-on angle: you can see that my neck is actually about the same width as my face at its broadest point. But the top photo is the only one in which I'm not making some kind of "Eek! Flash! Too bright!" face.)
I took advantage of having the camera out and wearing a purple shirt to model another necklace, one I made a while ago.
I don't think any of the pictures I took of this one really do it justice; I really like the way it turned out, with the mix of colors and the little beaded panels, but if I want to get my face in the picture, too, I can't zoom in to show the details that I think are the best thing about this necklace.

With some of my jewelry, the overall shape of it is interesting enough, or big enough, that a photo of me wearing it shows something a photo of just the necklace can't show; I guess the necklaces like the second one shown here aren't in that category.


Clarissa said...

Wow. I really love them. Especially the last one. Very beautiful.

Lindsay said...

Thank you so much! It means a lot, coming from someone who is as into fashion as you are.

(I've made several necklaces following the same general pattern as the one on the bottom, but that particular iteration has the best color scheme, I think. I've also got a monochromatic blue-green one I like a lot, but I think this dark purple/indigo, periwinkle and black is my favorite.)