Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ha Ha

I just found not one, but two identical paragraph-length comments urging the reader to "BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN!"

I will not publish them, or quote them, but I just wanted to share that piece of information.

(I might express hope that the commenter gets what he wishes for --- a foreign-born wife, particularly one from, oh, maybe Russia or China --- just so he can have his expectations of a demure and submissive little woman utterly confounded. But I would not want any woman to actually wind up married to this loser, so I will instead wish that he spend his life alone with his sense of entitlement.)


Clarissa said...

Ah, he found you, too! This person has been leaving this identical post on my blog about once a month for almost 3 years! And even though the post never gets published, he keeps leaving it.

This issue must matter a whole lot to him, poor soul.

Anonymous said...

ether way you comment on those women you are a racist no?
the features of east european women
ppl are all the same same wishes dreams fears and expectations
for a sociopaths the all become boring in the end
i like aspies they are hard to read (impossible) what makes them a challenge
i like the way they can think outside the box (like me) and they see logic beyond emotions

estefania said...

Bizarre thing to write, let's hope he stays on his own.