Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shelter from the Storm

So my cat, Magic, is afraid of thunder. She has a special place where she always goes when there's a thunderstorm --- at the top of the stairs, off to the side where there's a sort of fenced-in ledge for her to sit on and overlook the people (and other cats) coming and going on the main floor.
She likes closed-in spaces.
There's an end table opposite the ledge, so it's a very snug fit indeed!
She's very cute when she sits there, and it usually calms her down --- it's not uncommon for her to go to sleep there, thunder or no thunder. So I tried to take a few pictures of her; she has a certain posture that she always adopts, with her front paws pressed together under her chest and folded over the ledge.
Magic sitting in her special spot. She's got greeneye* because I can't control the flash.
"Quit taking pictures of me, you weirdo!"
*Does anyone know why cats get greeneye instead of redeye? What's different about their eyes? Is it lens shape?

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Korena said...

Cats get greeneye because they have a reflective lens (I forget the technical name right now) that's more effective than humans'. The light that goes in their eyes is reflected so it passes through the lens twice. This lets them see in low light. Humans have this too, but not as strong.