Monday, December 1, 2008


So, according to some website, I am a woman. I am also an INTP.

These are both true enough; most websites tag me as either male or androgynous, though I wonder if the program might simply assume all feminist bloggers are female. (Or, at least, assume a greater probability that we are female?)

This, if you're wondering, is what the Typealyzer seems to think an INTP looks like. I'm pleased to note all the points in which it does not resemble me.

(One of those points is our differing attitude to the alarming tilt of Cartoon Blogger's desk. Ze appears to be blithely oblivious to it, but it is really bugging me. If motion could exist in hir world, I'm sure that open can of Jolt! cola would be all over hir keyboard).


Gonzo said...

Oh, this is fun!
I'm also female (80%)
I'm curious to know, how they figured that out.
My personality is "The Mechanic" (ISTP), good guess here, too, I took that kind of test before, by answering questions, with the same result.

abfh said...

It also tagged me accurately as female and INTP. I agree with your guess that the gender analyzer looks for topics that are discussed primarily by one gender or the other, such as feminism.