Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Am Literal-Minded

The vast, vast majority of paintings I do, I do from life --- and often the subject matter will be dictated by what's in front of my face when I get the urge to draw something.

Exhibit A:

These paintings were actually an art-class assignment: for some reason (maybe to test our color-mixing ability?) the teacher spread out a bunch of crayons on the table and told us to paint them.

Now, this wasn't assigned. The painting below is of a subject I freely chose.

Yes, it is the first thing that caught my eye. It was painted with those very same paints, too! How's that for recursion?

Did I mention I'm literal-minded?


Fleecy said...

Those are cool! I especially like the crayons, they really look like they have that sorta dusty-feeling paper wrappers :)

I always liked doing those recursive "drawing the medium that's being drawn with" type things.

SavedAspie said...

It sounds like the instructor meant for you to paint the crayons literally... but I wonder if anyone else painted something different?

I, too, can be very literal which causes problems since others are not so... It causes a little stress, sometimes. In fact, I can imagine myself sitting there wondering, "well she said paint the crayons but did she MEAN paint the crayons?" LOL

Fleecy said...

SavedAspie, what you said reminds me of something someone was telling me about drill sargeants. That they have to learn how to give brief, unambiguous instructions. I thought, what would the teacher do if someone walked up and started painting the crayons, as in, applying paint to the crayons themselves? I thought that was funny.

A said...

I like your paintings. I probably would have said, "Do you mean I should actually apply paint to these crayons?"!