Sunday, December 20, 2009


Because I've been having a huge problem recently with spam comments showing up on old posts (and apparently I am not the only person this is happening to), I've decided to moderate comments on posts more than two weeks old.

I am not exactly happy with this development, since many of my old posts continue to get (legitimately) commented on, and I think having an unmoderated comment section works best for discussion purposes. I'm also not crazy about the additional work it will take for me to personally read and approve every comment. But that's less work than what I do now, which is to read them all (I get comments emailed to me), and then, if they are spam, look for the post they're attached to and delete them there.

So we'll see how this works. At present, the only comments I don't intend to approve are spam, so dissenting readers, please continue to comment. The mod queue is not there to weed you out.


stevethehydra said...

Do you know how to set Blogger to moderate comments more than a certain number of weeks old? I don't seem to be able to find the settings for doing that...

Lindsay said...

From the Dashboard page, I clicked on "Settings," and then on that page clicked the "Comments" tab.

Near the bottom of that page, there's section on comment moderation. You can choose one of three options: always moderate comments, never moderate comments, or moderate comments only on posts x number of days old. The default number in that box is 14, but you can type whatever cutoff point you want in there --- it just has to be expressed in days, rather than weeks.