Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In Which A Quaint American Folkway Is Alluded To

He saw his shadow! Woohoo!

(Announcement and photo courtesy of National Geographic Daily News website).


Anemone said...

And out here on the "wet coast", we have less snow than usual, and they're busy piling up stockpiled snow (on haybales!) so that the games can go on! It's been very warm the last few weeks and the snow line is higher than the ski hills in North Vancouver.

Maybe they should have imported a groundhog.

TheWiredOne said...

Looks like I shaved my legs for nothing!

Ali said...

It's snowing here again in the mountains of Virginia, and we're due for possibly a couple feet (!) over the weekend. I'm sick of the salt and the slush--snow's only nice until people go outside and ruin it.