Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Welcome to my blog

To whomever might be reading, here's an introductory mini-post just to tell you Autist's Corner is up and running, even though there's no content yet.

I will take this opportunity to sketch, briefly, an outline of the shape I want this blog to take. The main content will be essays on the portrayal of autism, and the handling of autism-related issues, in the books I single out for discussion. There will also be the occasional essay on a single theme, in which many books are discussed in the context of one or two general points about autism writing, but mostly you'll see a near-constant 1:1 book-post ratio.

I intend to range all across genres in the books I write about here, from autiebiography (Thinking in Pictures, Emergence: Labeled Autistic, Nobody Nowhere, Somebody Somewhere and Songs of the Gorilla Nation) to science fiction (The Speed of Dark, Oryx and Crake) to mystery (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time) to other nonfiction (Diagnosing Jefferson, Animals in Translation, Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships, Women from Another Planet?). That's not a complete list of the books I intend to dissect here, but it's representative and will keep me busy for a while.

However, if any of you *are* reading, and anybody has a suggestion for a book that's not on the list, I'd be perfectly open to blogging about that, too.

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