Friday, January 28, 2011

Heart Necklace

(Also: Reddest Blog Post Ever!)
My brother gave me a gift card for Christmas, and this is one of the things I decided to spend it on: a pewter Human Heart Necklace from, with a garnet lens hanging alongside the heart pendant.
The necklace is a bit longer than I would've liked --- they sell a shorter version, with a 17" chain rather than the 30" one I have here, but I didn't think the 17" one came with the red stone.
Here I am wearing it in tandem with a red leather rose choker I got at a Renaissance Festival:

(The heart necklace is pulled back a bit so it will sit higher in this picture, so that I could get a better shot of the rose).

Here's the pendant where it normally falls:


Greenconsciousness said...

Beautiful Lindsay - your heart belongs to you. With First Light on Feb 2 we are half way to the Spring Equinox.I just can't get over how delightful these pictures are. Happy First Light blessings to you.

Greenconsciousness said...

Be sure to wear it Feb 14th - Susan B Anthony's birthday.

lunablue said...

could you wrap it around twice?

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

that is a pretty necklace.

My son is 11 - was diagnosed with PDDNOS as well when he was 6.

It's neat reading about your stuff online and seeing how OK it really is to be 'different' hahah.

Lindsay said...

@lunablue - kind of. It's very tight when I wrap it around twice; my neck measures about fourteen or fifteen inches around, and the chain is thirty inches long!

It's a choker when I do that, and I already have a choker on in those pictures, so I chose to leave it full-length.

Heart necklace in stock said...

The design is very unusual and looks geat! I like it!

Amanda Forest Vivian said...

I have such a crush on that necklace, I love human hearts. (I mean, like...not in real life. But in pictures.)

Saia Sikira said...

Wow! I absolutely love that necklace!!!
and above all: thank you and congratulations for your blog =D