Monday, July 4, 2011

"Zero Degrees of Empathy" Link Roundup

I'm holding off until I've actually read Zero Degrees of Empathy (or, for the edition I'm most likely to get my hands on, The Science of Evil), but there are plenty of other people writing interesting things about it:

Lili Marlene, who lives in Australia and writes skeptically about psychology on her blog, Incorrect Pleasures, has written several posts about her thoughts on the book as she's been reading it.

Here they are in chronological order:
Just a little bit reductionist don't you think?
A very horrible story that can't be ignored
Mathematician's test score does not add up
A quick word or two regarding the Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test and the Austrian study
Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, empathy expert
Is this guy for real? Baron-Cohen's latest book is a real urban legend!

Indigo Jo has written a double review of Zero Degrees of Empathy and an earlier book on E-S Theory, The Essential Difference. (And Lisa Harney at Questioning Transphobia has enlarged on it; the comment thread on her post is also worth reading).

Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg has a very detailed post about empathy; she has also started a web-anthology of essays addressing myths about autistic people and our capacity for empathy.

On Tumblr (a platform which continues to confuse me, but which is apparently really popular), Emily posted at F*** Yeah Autism Spectrum: So I read the first chapter of Simon Baron-Cohen's new book

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Lili Marlene said...

Many thanks Lindsay, for the mention. I'm flattered.