Sunday, October 31, 2010


As I'm sure most longtime readers know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I always put a lot of thought into jack-o'-lantern designs, and this year, since I didn't have an enormous behemoth of a pumpkin to lavish attention on like I did last year, I carved five small ones.

Here's a shark:
(You can see he's got a double row of teeth there! Had to make sure I picked a thick-shelled pumpkin for that one, so that the second row would sit back behind the first).

Here's a ghoul, with a gaunt, bony face, snaggle teeth and stringy hair falling over its face:
(One of the hairs broke when I was carving the mouth).

Here's a mummy; I peeled the whole face of the pumpkin and tried to do the bandages in a sort of relief, so that they would stand out despite all being the same color. I didn't really see it as I was carving them --- they seem to blend into each other when you look close at it --- but they stand out more from a distance.
There's a second eye socket carved in there, too --- I wanted to give the impression it was covered in gauze, so I didn't cut that eye out. When the pumpkin is lit, that socket glows faintly.

Here's one of an evil smiling face, with long sharp teeth.
Here's me, pretending I'm going to throw it at someone:
And here's me holding the last pumpkin in my lap. It's the smallest one, so I didn't want to try to carve anything too elaborate into it.
I settled for simple, but eloquent, I think. The shape of the mouth, and the size of the eyes relative to the mouth, give the impression that this pumpkin is afraid of its bigger, scarier siblings.


dinah said...

how about a pic of them all lit up?

Li said...

I love the idea of the mummy, something which I've never seen done. What an innovative piece of art!

Belinda the Nobody said...

Those are awesome pumpkins. :)